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What it does

In the luxury goods market, your image and the quality of your products is everything. With high-value products in your inventory, strict retail service agreements, and so much riding on maintaining a flawless image, your position in the market is always a major concern. Without the right software tools to effectively manage your processes, luxurious can quickly feel a lot more like onerous.

Infor Fashion provides an integrated enterprise management system with extensive industry-specific functionality that integrates all the activities involved in running your business.

What it is

With Infor Fashion, you get total luxury support—regardless of your business model. Whether you design, source, distribute, or manufacture luxury apparel, footwear, jewellery, timepieces, leather goods, home fashions and accessories, fragrances, or beauty and care products, you'll have the tools you need to:

  • Gain total control of your inventory.
  • Better comply with regulations.
  • Visualize your entire supply chain.
  • Trace raw materials and products.
  • Replenish faster.
  • Gain better business intelligence.

Infor Fashion provides fashion-specific ERP and PLM functionality, which facilitate the creative and logical processes involved in design, planning, and production throughout the life cycle of a single product and the collection to which it belongs. It brings email right into the system, routes the specification package to all the appropriate people, and automatically notifies them when a specification is changed, even providing a link to the style information.


What it means

Designed to streamline your manufacturing processes, as well as your supply chain, Infor Fashion can help ensure that you comply with the tangle of technical and social regulations that exist in the fashion industry today. The last thing you want is a ruined reputation. Infor Fashion can help ensure it won't happen to you by:

  • Improving your processes.
  • Securing employee rights.
  • Ensuring supplier and vendor compliance.
  • Serializing high-value items.
  • Better tracking and tracing of products.

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