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Infor Industry Solutions

One size doesn't fit all. Generic software solutions seek to find the lowest common denominator requirement set across a range of industries and company sizes. Infor doesn't see the market that way.

Your company has problems that are unique to your industry and you need a solution that is specifically tailored to solve your distinct requirements. Our unique solutions allow you to deploy faster because the solution fits your industry, manufacturing style, and the size of your company. You will need fewer modifications and be able to solve the challenges of your industry more quickly and efficiently.

Learn more about Infor industry solutions:

  • Communications—Infor Communications solutions help you protect your customer relationships, address the latest business threats and opportunities, and leverage every customer interaction across all channels.
  • Facilities Management—Infor Facilities Management solutions help you optimize your maintenance resources, get a detailed picture of every critical asset and how it's performing, and improve the productivity of your equipment and staff.
  • Library and Information Management—Infor Library and Information Management solutions help you better manage all your operations, including circulation, cataloging, acquisitions, serials management, and reporting; manage customer relationships and gain key performance data and metrics; and manage the entire lifecycle of your electronic resources-including evaluation, acquisition, implementation, and administration.
  • Metal Fabrication—Infor Metal Fabrication solutions help you bring your production capacity in line with customer demand to meet delivery commitments; manage complex, lengthy processes such as requests for quotation (RFQs), requisitions, and purchase orders; and react quickly to changes in demand and specifications.
  • Paper—Infor Paper solutions help you have greater visibility into all aspects of your operations, from importing to converting to customer service; offer the flexibility to change quickly as market opportunities arise; and automate processes across core areas such as custom order management, visual analog scale (VAS) quantity conversion, tracking, rebate management, flexible pricing, and advanced demand forecasting.
  • Plastic Fabrication—Infor Plastic Fabrication solutions help you bring your production capacity in line with customer demand to meet delivery commitments; coordinate your outsourced partners with your plans and commitments; and manage all aspects of your production and fabrication, such as bills of material, tooling, capacity, and compounding.
  • Restaurant Systems—Infor Restaurant Systems solutions combine the performance and production benefits of a QSR product with the full feature flexibility of a TSR system. They help you provide excellent customer service and more effectively manage costs, production, and employees.
  • Retail—Infor Retail solutions help you amplify your brand image, create loyal customers, improve product shelf availability, and reduce supply chain costs.
  • Shipbuilding—Infor Shipbuilding solutions help you better manage your large, complex, and regulation-intensive processes and projects; take advantage of more maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) and service opportunities; and better react to and manage change.

Get the industry-specific functionality you need to solve your toughest business challenges with Infor industry solutions.

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